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Law – It’s a business

Water Cooler series by Gary Mitchell,
coaching lawyers since 2005

Every 1st Tuesday of the Month, 12.00 PM EST

This is an open invitation to all managing partners and owners of small firms to help their firms grow exponentially!


Water Cooler Sessions

Law – It’s a business with Gary Mitchell will be on air via zoom at 12.00 PM EST on the following days:

  • May 1907
    Law firm growth – Business development and marketing
  • Jun 1904
    From Solo to Firm
  • Jul 1902
    Where are the profits? – Making more money isn’t just about getting more clients
  • Aug 1906
    Growth isn’t the issue; Managing it is.
  • Oct 1901
    Law firm leadership – Part I
  • Nov 1905
    Law firm leadership – Part II
  • Dec 1903
    Succession – passing the torch and cashing out
  • Jan 2007
    Winning the talent war – What is your firm without top-shelf talent?

About Gary Mitchell, Strategic Business Coach

As a strategic business coach, Gary merges vision with integration. He supports motivated individuals in thinking big, taking action, and achieving professional success. Anchored in nearly 30 years of real-world experience as a communications professional, political strategist, and entrepreneur, Gary’s coaching programs are designed to address the business challenges lawyers and law firms face from a down-to-earth, practical perspective.

With a client base ranging from solo-practitioners to international firms, Gary is the go-to coach in the legal industry for professionals seeking leading-edge guidance and macro view insights on leadership, strategic planning, practice management, business development, marketing, transition, recruitment, retention, and human resources.

Having tailored his coaching practice exclusively to lawyers since 2005, Gary is deeply invested in inspiring, supporting and holding his clients accountable for executing on their visions and making their goals a reality. Approaching each coaching engagement as a partnership, Gary works alongside his clients every step of the way. The outcome of his proven methodology is increased growth, profitability, peace of mind and freedom.

Gary is the author of Raindance – The Business Development Guidebook for Lawyers, and Raindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice (Available from Carswell). He began contributing to The Lawyers Weekly in 2006 and continues to write his monthly column, ‘The Coach’ for The Lawyers Daily.

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